Shrimati Ji

Here\'s one Diamond Comics character, which will jerk you out of any boredom that you\'re feeling. Shrimatiji has so many qualities rolled into one, that she is a class apart from the usual housewife. Shrimatiji, or Sheela, as she\'s named, is always attempting to do one thing or another, in such a funny way that it is hilarious. A dominating wife she scares the wit out of her husband, like a typical housewife. But, Shrimatiji is a gossip-monger, who stays in a company of friends like Rami and Gogi. She is a mother of two kids. The whole household is always falling into funny situations. She is very practical and fashionable. She always wants to look glamorous and is ambitious. She wants to have latest things in her house. Her jubilant nature makes you laugh.